No Medical Exam Life Insurance For Seniors With Pre-Existing Health Conditions!

Seniors with pre-existing health condition who need life coverage should apply for no medical exam life insurance policies. Featuring a simplified underwriting process, these policies are very accessible for seniors. They offer enough financial protection for dependents and can be used to cover funeral expenses and other debt the insured may leave behind.

About no medical exam life insurance

Medical examinations are a part of every underwriting processno medical exam life insurance for seniors for a traditional life insurance policy. Medical tests make it harder for seniors who suffer from pre-existing conditions to get life coverage. A solution is applying for no medical exam life insurance plans which offer a simplified underwriting process and it is the easiest way of getting life insurance for seniors.

In order to qualify for coverage, you only need to complete a medical questionnaire. It is important to note that not everyone can qualify for a plan! There are some pre-existing health conditions that will prevent your form getting life coverage!

What pre-existing health conditions are accepted?

Seniors with pre-existing conditions can usually get no exam life insurance, but there are some cases in which they cannot get coverage. Seniors suffering from cancer, AIDS and those declared terminally ill are not eligible for a plan. Also, applicants who suffered recently from a heart attack have to wait at least a year to qualify for coverage.

Although diseases such as diabetes or ulcerous will not disqualify you, they will increase the policy’s premiums.

Advantages of getting no medical exam life insurance:

  • Fast coverage! You will be covered in less than 24 hours. Since these policies do not require medical tests they are issued very fast.
  • Covers funeral expenses. The death benefit can be used by your family and loved ones to pay for burial expenses. By having life insurance you save your family a lot of money and you secure yourself a decent funeral.
  • Easy to qualify for coverage. If you have a pre-existing condition, you can qualify for coverage a lot easier compare to other policies. All you need to do is answer some medical questions and you can do this online, from the comfort of your home.

If you have providers, you need to purchase a life insurance policy as soon as possible! Visit our website to find the best policies!