How Does Age Affect Your Life Insurance Premiums?

 As a senior you want to spend your retirement in peace and without any concern regarding money. It would be nice if we could all afford spending time relaxed, in a mountain resort or near a beach.  Sunny days and no worries, this is all we desire. Sadly, you cannot afford that unless you have a solid economy and enough funds to accomplish all your goals .

picture-of-a-happy-senior-citizens-300x199But old age is often followed by a series of medical problems, problems that are expensive to cure. Despite all the rumors, life insurance for over 60 seniors is the best way to keep your economy under control.  Your age still affects the life insurance premiums and there are good reasons.

Our bodies are not meant to last forever, after 50 years most of us begin to feel a little tired or some pains. Bones, limbs, immune system and blood vessels are the ones that suffer the most. Clearly this increases the risk of getting sick. Osteoporosis, atherosclerosis and countless other problems are frequent in seniors.

This is why age is a major selection criterion for carriers. Some of the companies tolerate and ensure seniors, while others do not even want to hear about underwriting elder citizens. Your best option is to inform earlier if the company where you want to apply provides coverage or not for those over a certain age.  Do not waste time and money.

Since you are already a senior, companies will doubt your physical integrity and will ask you to visit a doctor and schedule some medical exams.  If the results are in your favor, you will receive better rates.

However, you will not get the best rates, but only affordable ones. Depending on your health status, the premium cost will vary between 20% and 65% more than young or adult clients.  Age is strictly related with a risk factor of dying and as you approach the final years of your life, the risk increases and the chances for getting life insurance become lower.  Act now and search for life insurance.

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