How to Buy Life Insurance With Terminal Illness Rider?

life insurance3Nobody wants to hear that he has been diagnosed with a terminal disease.  Preparing yourself and your family for the final departure is really dreadful, but take heart and make all necessary preparations.  In this way you will pass with honor and the family will not be financially jeopardized by your demise.

If you are not already insured, we recommend you to buy term life insurance for seniors.  It is well known the multitude of age related problems that a senior may suffer of. In worst case scenario, a complication may lead to a terminal condition. In this blog post we will tell you more how to buy life insurance with terminal illness rider.

Terminal illness insurance, also known as Accelerated Death benefit, is a form of insurance that pays out a part of the death benefit if the insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness.  It is considered terminal illness a disease that shortens the life expectancy of the patient to 12 months or less.

Usually, the money granted by terminal life insurance is used for medical care: paying the doctors and medicine. Making the final month easier to live is a must.

So, in order to get terminal life insurance you must first own a life insurance policy. This is the main requirement.  This rider will be added as soon as the insured will be diagnosed with the terminal condition.

It is not available as a separate insurance policy.  Companies require to notify within three months since you have been diagnosed, in order to offer accelerated death benefits.  But first, you must get appropriate life insurance. If you are a senior citizen, this might be a bit more difficult. We encourage you to use online brokerage websites and get free life insurance quotes.

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