5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Life Insurance for Elderly

Finding the right policy is never easy, but you should be aware of these 5 mistakes to avoid when buying life insurance for elderly:

couple-Medicare1)     If you have not retired yet, do not rely only strictly on the employer coverage.  Life insurance policies offered through the employer are rarely personalized and less effective than the ones designed specifically for your own needs.  Companies usually offer life insurance through a group plan.  Employer coverage does not cover the needs of the family. This is why it should not be the sole form of protection.

2)     Do not go shopping around without the proper knowledge.  It is very good that you want insurance, but you must know exactly what to search.  The market is diverse and having numerous options might be a bit confusing.  Talk with life insurance brokers or read more on various websites.

3)     Not accepting medical-underwritten coverage.  If you are in good health you should apply for a policy that requires medical exams.  You will pay more than you need for coverage if you refuse that option. Companies that do not require medical exams are splitting the mortality risk to all policyholders and then average the costs. This means that a healthy person will pay the same as a person that might drop dead in the next days.  You will pay more, even if you do not have a poor health.

4)     Not getting enough coverage. You should take a closer look at your finances and analyze all the budget and expenses. One golden rule says to buy coverage for at least your existing debt: mortgage, bank loans and other similar debts. This is the minimum amount.  Do not accept anything less than that.

5)     Procrastinating too much.  Your chances of getting life insurance significantly drop with each passing year. Also, your policy will be correlated with age and you will get more expensive premiums. You should hurry if you want to get affordable prices.

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