3 Advantages of Having No Medical Exam Life Insurance!

No medical exam life insurance has recently gained a better reputation and now is considered a smart investment. Senior citizens and sick persons can finally get the protection they have been looking for.  This article presents top 3 advantages of having no medical exam life insurance.

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1)     Financial stability for your loved ones.  Life insurance is an investment that provides financial support in times of need.  No medical exam life insurance provides an element of stability in the life of any insured.  If you are a breadwinner, your death will seriously cripple the finances of your family. Having life insurance will provide a constant source of money as an income replacement.

2)     Your family will be able to pay your funeral. Life insurance is an important investment for senior citizens and it can help them pay funerals costs. No medical exam insurers offer final expense to senior citizens, as long as they are not older than 90 years.  The average funeral cost ranges between $9000 and $15000.

This is an expense that cannot be immediately paid by the most of the American families.  Or it can be paid, but it will severely affect the budget. Final expense insurance is a cheap solution for that.  Depending on the company, the maximum amount of coverage is around the sum of $50.000, much more than needed.  Since the amount of coverage is not that high, the premiums will be cheap.  Final expense can be purchased as an individual policy or as a supplemental rider to an existing policy.

3)     Reasonable premiums.  Although the no medical exam premiums are more expensive than regular ones, this should not discourage you.  You will find lots of companies that offer fair prices for their services.  The premiums will vary depending on your health and age.  First check the insurance market and scan it for reasonable offers.  With a little help, you can obtain a really good offer and you will have to pay affordable premiums.

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